Nandita Wood Spice Incense Sticks Natural Spices, Herbs, Oils x 3 Packs

Nandita Wood Spice Incense Sticks Natural Spices, Herbs, Oils x 3 Packs
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3 x Nandita Natural Premium Wood Spice Incense

Nandita Wood Spice incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils.

Nandita Wood Spice is the true traditional recipe of the most popular Indian incense enjoyed around the world. When you light a Nandita incense, you assure yourself a safe and natural experience.

Each Incense Stick is hand rolled in their manufacturing plant in India. Each Incense stick when lit fills your home or environment with beautiful fragrance, blissful relaxation, aiding to make your meditative and spiritual journey smooth.

All the ingredients of this natural product are purely organic, non toxic and ozone friendly.

Nandita Premium Wood Spice Details:

  • 3 x Nandita Wood Spice Premium Incense Packs
  • Each pack contains approx 12 sticks / 15grams (45grams total)
  • Burn Time – Approx 30 to 40 Minutes
  • Hand Rolled In India
  • Environmental Friendly
  • No Animal By-Products
  • Free From Toxic Substances

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